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Squash Vine Borer Traps

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Squash Vine Borers are a serious pest for growers of giant pumpkins and other vine crops East of the Rocky Mnts. SVB traps are a proven way to intercept the Squash Vine Borer in the moth stage. The SVB Trap comes complete with a durable plastic trap, a SVB lure, a Vapor Tape to kill the moth, and a handy sting to hang the trap. The traps should be suspended at about the canopy level of the crop about 10 - 25 feet from the plants on 1 - 4 sides of the garden. The SVB lure lasts for 4 weeks. Extra Lures and Vapor Tapes are available.

One generation of Squash Vine Borer is common in Northern States, with the moths being active from mid-June to mid-July. Two generations may occur in Southern States and the Moths may be active as early as March in Florida. Moths trapped this season mean less of a problem next year. Up to 200 SVB Moths have been trapped by one giant pumpkin grower in a single season.

Spraying for Squash Vine Borers can be started once moths start showing up in the traps. We recommend our Bio-Repel which is an all organic pest control effective with a wide range of insect pests. Bio-Repel is the next product down on this page of the website. We recommend increasing the frequency of application to once every 5 - 7 days during the SVB Season.

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