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Holland's Giants Current Specials

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DVD/Book/Seed Package Special 2017

This special package includes our best and most comprehensive DVD ever! It holds 2-hours of incredible information and entertainment about all aspects of growing giant pumpkins. Also included in this package is the book A Beginner’s Guide To Growing Atlantic Giant Pumpkins that has 40 pages of information designed to help you grow a giant pumpkin in your own yard. You will also receive a packet of Atlantic Giant Pumpkin seeds from pumpkins that weighed between 500 and 700-pounds! The value of this package is $45.00

DVD/Book/Seed Package

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Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cables

We now are a direct distributor for Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cables. We can offer this quality item delivered to your door for a much lower price than you can buy them at the store! The suggested retail price for the 48-foot Soil Warming Cable (without shipping) $ 55.42 and $ 43.58 for the 24-foot cable. We are offering the 48-foot size delivered via priority shipping for $39.98 and the 24-foot size for $34.98. These soil warming cables have been a big part of our success and we want to make them available to other growers at the lowest prices we can.

Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cables have a built-in thermostat set to 74-degrees F. These standard soil warming cables in lengths of 24-feet or 48-feet give you a big head start on the season. They speed germination and growth with gentle bottom heat. The 24-foot cable draws .7-amps and the 48-foot cable draws 1.4-amps. You can leave the soil warming cables in all season and they will only turn on when the solid temperature falls below 74-degrees.

Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cables

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Grower’s Gift Special

  • One 5-pound BioGrow Endo Plus
  • One 5-pound Pumpkin Power 9 – 3 -1
  • One 3-pound Kelp Meal
  • 1 DVD-“How I Grew the 1,791 State Record Pumpkin”
  • One Seed from a 1,448-pound pumpkin
  • One Seed from a 932-pound pumpkin

$165.00 Value for $154.00!!

Grower’s Gift Special

Grower's Gift Special


DVD Special

We have produced over 20 videos on the subject of growing giant pumpkins. Many veteran growers have our entire library. Here is a chance for newer growers or those just starting out, to get 3 of our most popular DVDs for 1 special price! Nearly 5 hrs. of giant pumpkin growing information is contained in these 3 DVDs. Get all 3 for $30.

The 3 DVD Special Includes:

  • How I Grew a 1500 lb. Pumpkin
  • Techniques For Growing Giant Pumpkins
  • How to Grow Giant Pumpkins 2010

DVD Special

DVD Special - 3 DVDs

Kelp Meal + Free DVD!


“A GREAT TOOL IN GROWING GIANT PUMPKINS” Our Kelp Meal is made from 100% sun-dried “Ascopyllum Nodosum” Kelp. It is the richest kind of Kelp for Agriculture or as an Animal Feed Supplement.

This Kelp Meal contains 62 different trace minerals and they are naturally chelated due to the presence of Mannitol and Alginic Acids in the Kelp. Ascopyllum Nodosum also contains natural growth promoting hormones such as Auxins Cytokinins and Gibberellins. These natural hormones aid in cell division, cell elongation, fruit growth and plant health.

Plus you get a FREE "How To Grow Giant Pumpkins" DVD!


Kelp Meal + Free DVD!

20 lbs + Free DVD

Fish Meal + Free DVD!

10–4–0 Plus 6% Calcium

“GIANT PUMPKIN PLANTS LOVE FISH” 100% organic nitrogen source with 4% Natural Phosphorous and 6% Calcium. Broadcast 4 to 5 pounds per site in an 8 to 10 foot circle to get your plants off to a super start. Fish Meal is great for the whole garden, especially heavy-feeders like corn. Also works great on flowers, fruit trees and shrubs. Application rate is 1 to 2 pounds per 100 square ft.


Plus you get a FREE "How To Grow Giant Pumpkins" DVD!

Fish Meal + Free DVD!

18 Pounds + DVD

Cover Crop Special

This is a wonderful mix of 50% Winter Rye, 40% Winter Oats and 10% Hardy Vetch!

The Rye and Oats produce tremendous organic matter and the Vetch is a legume that fixes Nitrogen from the air into the soil for free! Winter Oats help suppress harmful Nematodes in the soil. Sow 7 to 10-pounds per 1,000-square feet.

Cover Crop Special - choose size

5, 14, 20 lbs with Priority Shipping

Giant Pumpkin Seed Storage Kit

Photo of Holland's Giants Seed Storage

This seed storage system is comprised of a clear 16-ounce jar with a wide mouth lid that fits tightly. It comes with a silica gel 5-gram desiccant packet in the jar to absorb any moisture. The jar holds 175-200 seeds and has a handy label where you can...


Giant Pumpkin Seed Storage Kits - choose size

Single, 5, & 10 Kits with Shipping

Holland's Land O'Giants Hat

Hollands Land O'Giants Hat photo

Adjustable beige hat with colorful giant pumpkin logo.

with FREE Shipping