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Soluble Fish Powder 12-1-1

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Soluble Fish Powder is superior to liquid fish emulsions. It is produced in a low temperature process which enzymatically digests fish protein preserving vital factors. Liquid fish is made in a high temperature process that can break down the amino acids, vitamins and enzymes. Liquid fish emulsions also require powerful stabilizers and preservatives to avoid spoilage . Soluble Fish Powder is completely dry and requires no additives. It is also most economical as you pay for product only and not water! Soluble Fish Powder is less expensive to ship, easier to handle, and more stable in storage. The soluble fish takes a little more work to thoroughly mix, compared with the seaweed powder. I use very warm water and mix once, and then I let it sit for 20 minutes or so, and stir a second time.

This is a perfect partner to our Soluble Seaweed Powder. The Soluble Fish Powder provides more nitrogen and macronutrients and the Soluble Seaweed Powder provides the essential trace minerals, growth promoting hormones, and has up to 17% potassium. The two products can be mixed with each other for a combo-spray, or applied separately. Both are also compatible with regular soluble fertilizers such as Peter’s or Miracle Grow. 1 pound of Soluble Fish Powder is equal to 2 gallons of liquid fish emulsion concentrate.

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