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Soluble Amino Acid Bio-Activator 15-0-0

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SOLUBLE AMINO ACID BIO-ACTIVATOR 15-0-0 is a new cutting-edge technology for agriculture with 17 Amino Acids in a sweet smelling yellow soluble powder. Amino Acids are powerful chelating and synergy producing natural compounds.

Growers that have used our Biomin Calcium know the Amino Acid glysine is used to make the Calcium “Bio-Available” to plants. Now you can do the same thing with any granular or water soluble fertilizer. Suggested use is 1-Tablespoon of Amino Acid per pound of granular fertilizer, or 1-Tablespoon per gallon of liquid. The addition of Amino Acids can increase the effectiveness of all fertilizers by up to 10-times!

SOLUBLE AMINO ACID BIO-ACTIVATOR 15-0-0 even works without fertilizer. Amino Acids help to unlock and mineralize the nutrients that are naturally in the soil, but may not be available to the plants. Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins and contain 15% organic nitrogen to stimulate plant growth. Amino Acids also increase the concentration of chlorophyll in plant leaves leading to higher rates of photosynthesis. Amino Acids increase the rate of nutrient release from the soil organic matter or humus. Amino Acids increase the absorption and transport of micronutrients throughout the plant, and increase the rate of protein synthesis.

Soluble Amino Acid Bio-Activator 15-0-0 contains the following amino acids:
Amino Acid% Weight
Glutamine Acid9.2%
Serine 4.5%
Also contains 15% long-lasting slow-release organic Nitrogen

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