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Mycorrhizae Soil Inoculant

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Biogrow Endo Plus

The premium 4-species Mycorrhizal Fungi for growing giant pumpkins

BIOGROW is instrumental in growing giant pumpkins. I used BIOGROW ENDO PLUS granular and also the SOLUBLE MAXX as my exclusive source of Mycorrhizal Fungi when growing my 2017 World Champion Pumpkin weighing 2,363-pounds. Growers all over North America, and many around the World use BIOGROW ENDO PLUS to grow champion giant pumpkins.

Contains 4 species of Endomycorrhizal Fungi: Glomus Intraradices at 33 propagules per gram, G. Aggreggatum at 33 prop/gram, G. Mosseae at 33 prop/gram, & G. Etunicatum at 33 prop/gram. Total 132 prop/gram or 60,000 prop/lb. G.Etunicatum is the newest species added after research which indicated the importance of this species relative to plant health, drought tolerance, mineral nutrition, plant growth, flowering, parasitic nematode control and improved establishment of agricultural plants.

NOW BIOGROW ENDO PLUS IS EVEN BETTER! It now has 50% more Mycorrhizal Fungi than before! Mycorrhizae literally means “Fungus Foot” and Endo means “Within”.

The Endo or Abuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi grows within the roots and pushes hyphae out into the soil. Hyphae are much thinner than even root hairs and are able to penetrate the tiniest pores in the soil. A thimbleful of healthy inoculated soil can contain miles of these fungal hyphae.

The interaction between the soil, the plant, and the fungus is extraordinary, in exchange for sugars from the host plant. The fungi produce chemicals and enzymes which modify the soil structure and chemistry...


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Thoroughly mix 1/3 cup of BioGrow into each 1 cubic foot of potting soil...


Biogrow Endo-1

Like our Bio-Grow Endo Plus, this formula of Endo-Mycorrhizal Fungi was developed by one of the World’s leading authorities: Doctor Michael Ammaranthus.

Bio-Grow Endo-1 contains the most important species of Endomycorrhizal Fungi, which is Glomus intraradices at 134 propagules per gram or 60,000 propagules per pound. This is the same total propagules as our premium Bio-Grow Endo Plus, but consists of all Glomus intraradices instead of the 4-species in the Plus. The shelf life of 2-years, and the application instructions are the same as for the Bio-Grow Endo Plus.

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Biogrow Soluble Maxx

BIOGROW SOLUBLE MAXX is a very unique product and has great potential in helping the sport of Giant Pumpkin Growing reach new levels.BIOGROW SOLUBLE MAXX is a soluble black powder. BIOGROW SOLUBLE MAXX is the finest inoculant available to establish Mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria in the soil and is well suited to a variety of soils and climates. Make sure your giant pumpkins have all the advantages SOLUBLE MAXX can provide!


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Liquid Endo Mycorrhizal Innoculant

Great new tool for growing giant pumpkins! A pint of our LIQUID ENDO contains as many propagules as I gallon of some other brands. It may be used through the irrigation system...


Liquid Endo Mycorrhizal Innoculant

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Promot Plus

"Biological Growth Promoter". PROMOT PLUS is a biological soil additive designed to promote increased crop size by stimulating microbial activity in the rhizophere. PROMOT PLUS contains high...


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Nitrogen Fixating Bacteria 1 – .5 – 7

Azotobacter is a great product for growing giant pumpkins. Azotobacter cells are rod shaped, at least 2 microns in diameter, and have the ability to synthesize 3 nitrogenases. Specific genes are used to synthesize each nitrogenase. Azotobacter can live...


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