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Slitted Row Covers

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This 1.1 mil. linear low density clear polyethylene SLITTED ROW COVER provides a method of ventilating hot air in periods of extreme heat. At night the slits remain closed, maintaining warmer temperatures inside the tunnel. Usually provides 1-degree F. to 4- degrees F. protection, and elevates daytime air temperatures from 10-degrees F. to 30-degrees F. depending on the sunlight levels and the type of soil mulch used. Growers who have used the SLITTED ROW COVERS have been able to move up their planting and first harvest dates by approximately two weeks. Growers taking advantage of this type of technology have found row covers to be economically rewarding. Best suited for northern climates where light levels are less than optimum, and the spring warming trend is slow. The Row Covers may be used for pumpkins, squash, melons, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and other warm season fruits and vegetables. This covering could easily be substituted for the REEMAY in our demo on the 2007 Holland’s Land O’ Giants DVD. Compared to the REEMAY, the SLITTED ROW COVER will provide greater daytime heating.

6-ft. X 50-ft. (300 sq. ft.)

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