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Giant Pumpkin Seeds

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Giant Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds are from pumpkins of 500-700 pounds. Most of these pumpkins had parents that were over 1,000 pounds. Also check out our website for other available proven seeds. 6 seeds per packet.

Giant Pumpkin Seeds: choose 6 or 25 count

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Super Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds come from pumpkins of 700 – 1,000 pounds. All seeds are from controlled crosses, with exceptional growth potential. The seeds are harvested from large fruit with genetics from some of the finest growers in the World. 3 seeds per packet.

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Silver Bullet Seeds

Our Premium Seed Packets! All these seeds are harvested from pumpkins over 1,000-pounds. These seeds have the genetic potential to grow World Class Giant Pumpkins. The genetics are impeccable and the results should mean many new personal bests for giant pumpkin growers. 3 seeds per packet.

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Giant Pumpkin Seed Storage Kit

Photo of Holland's Giants Seed Storage

This seed storage system is comprised of a clear 16-ounce jar with a wide mouth lid that fits tightly. It comes with a silica gel 5-gram desiccant packet in the jar to absorb any moisture. The jar holds 175-200 seeds and has a handy label where you can...


Giant Pumpkin Seed Storage Kit

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Pedigree-Single-Heaviest in the World 2017 - $50



Holland Seed Color Female Parent Male Parent
2,363-17 Orange 2,145 McMullen 2,261 Wallace

LIMITED SUPPLY! From our hand-selected planting stock!

Pedigree - Single $50.00

Seeds With a Pedigree

Single seed packages with a "Family Tree". Prices range from $8.00 - $30 dollars.


Holland Seed Color Female Parent Male Parent
633-18 Orange 2,261 Wallace 2,363 Holland
627-17 Orange 1,713 Holland 1,792 Holland
569-17 Orange 1,309 Holland 2,145 McMullen
767-15 Cream 2,032 Mathison 1,649 Holland
Pedigree - Single $8.00


Holland Seed Color Female Parent Male Parent
978-16 Cream 1,254 Holland 1,750 Holland
927-15 Orange 1,292 Holland 2,032 Mathison
Pedigree - Single $12.00


Holland Seed Color Female Parent Male Parent
1,429-18 Orange 2,269 Paton 2,145 McMullen
1,339.5-18 Orange 2,363 Holland 2,269 Paton
1,452-17 Orange 1,641 Holland 2,261 Wallace
1,297-17 Orange 1,713 Holland 2,145 McMullen
1,458-16 Orange 2,020.5 Werner 1,621.5 Holland
Pedigree - Single $20.00


Holland Seed Color Female Parent Male Parent
1968.5-18 (dmg) Orange 2,145 McMullen 2,363 Holland
1,649.5-18 Orange 1,937 Urena 2,145 Mcmullen
1,790-17 Orange 2,261 Wallace 1,713 Holland
1,792-16 Cream 1,750 Holland 2,020.5 Werner
1,750-15 Cream 2,323 Meier 2,032 Mathison
1,713-16 Orange 1,621.5 Holland 2,020.5 Werner
1641-16 Orange 1,625.5 Holland 1,750 Holland
Pedigree - Single $30.00

Halloween Display Pumpkins

Monster Smash

Joel & grandaughter Hallie with Monster Smash
              PumpkinsThese are new stunningly gorgeous, colossal pumpkins. These bright orange beauties can weigh 50 to 300 pounds, depending on how many you leave on the plant. MONSTER SMASH is ...

See more pics &

Monster Smash: choose 6 or 25 count

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Spirit Semi-Bush Pumpkin (F-1 hybrid)

Now you can grow Pumpkins in a small space! Get full-size 12 to 16 pound Halloween type pumpkins on a small plant that is not much larger than a zucchini bush. SPIRIT Pumpkins ...


Spirit Semi-Bush Pumpkin

10 Count with Priority Shipping


A new miniature pumpkin that weighs just 4-ounces! JACK – B – QUIK is deeper orange and has better ribbing than other varieties. It is highly prolific with outstanding shape and color. Seed is treated with Captan to insure maximum germination. 10 seeds per packet.


10 Count with Shipping

Giant Pumpkins
            World of Color multi-colored giant pumpkins!

Giant Pumpkins "WORLD OF COLOR"

These pumpkins are both big and beautiful! The 50 - 125 lb. fruit are produced in peach, blue, white, pink, and dark red/orange. World of Color pumpkins are nicely shaped and will definitely create a new concept in Fall displays. 6 seeds.

Giant Pumpkins "WORLD OF COLOR"

6 Count with Shipping

Growing Giant Pumpkin DVD's/Videos


Early in the 2017 season I realized I had an excellent opportunity to do well. We were having a nice, warm summer with loads of sunshine. I also had some amazing seed stocks, including the awesome 2,145-McMullen, which had been a great producer of outsize pumpkins. I decided to go for it!!

It is easy to go overboard, so instead of doing too much, I increased the frequency of the fertilizer application on our schedule from every 7 days to every 5 days. The concentration of the foliar sprays and the amount of Mycorrhizae, and granular products was boosted by 50%. We had a very dry summer including 55 days in a row without any rain, a new record for our area of the country. I water out of a 55-gallon tank of pre-warmed water. I would much rather have the sunshine and apply the water myself.

See how everything came together to bring us to our finest growing season ever!


We demonstrate virtually everything we did to grow the largest pumpkin ever produced in Washington State. Special lighting, music, titles and special effects create an awesome audio-visual experience!

The DVD is 2-hours long and covers the entire 2013 growing season from soil preparation to the weigh-off and even beyond to the collection and care of the seeds, and preparing the soil for next year. We share our fertilizer schedule, our pest control strategies, and even our fungicide program that keeps our plants July fresh into Fall for great late season growth! As a special bonus, we also give FREE World Class Giant Pumpkin Seeds with our DVD packages.



Check out the seed crosses on the seed stock list.


This year we will include free with each “HOW I GREW THE HEAVIEST PUMPKIN IN THE WORLD FOR 2017 AT 2,363-POUNDS”, a 1,388-17 seed, a 1,297-17 seed, and also a 627-17 SEED. The 1,297-17 has the 2,145 that grew our 2,363-pounder as the pollinator. Value of these seeds alone is $48.00!

The cost for this package is $33.00 with 1st-class shipping

Pkg 1 Video


This year we will include free with each “HOW I GREW THE HEAVIEST PUMPKIN IN THE WORLD FOR 2017 AT 2,363-POUNDS! and “HOW I GREW 3 PUMPKINS TOTALING 5,146-POUNS! DVDS , a seed from our 1,713-16, a 1,452-17 pound pumpkin, a seed from our 1,388-17, a 1,297-17 pound pumpkin, a seed from our 627-17 and a seed from our 569-17 pound pumpkin, while supplies last. The 1,297-17 and the 569-17 have the 2,145 that grew our 2363-pounder as the pollinator. Value of the seeds alone is $106.00!!

The cost for this package is $64.00 with 1st-class shipping

Pkg 2 DVD


THE COMPLETE PACKAGE!! You will get our 3 DVD’s, the “HOW I GREW THE HEAVIEST PUMPKIN IN THE WORLD FOR 2017 AT 2,363-POUNDS, the “HOW I GREW 3 PUMPKINS TOTALING 5,146-POUNDS, and “HOW TO GROW GIANT PUMPKINS 2015”. You will receive 1 seed from our 1,792-16 pound pumpkin, the 1,790-17 pound pumpkin, the 1,750-15 pound pumpkin, the 1,713-16 pound pumpkin, 1,452-17 pound pumpkin, 1388-17 pound pumpkin, the 1,297-17 pound pumpkin, the 627-17 pound pumpkin and the 569-17-15 pound pumpkin!! This offer includes 9-free World Class Seeds!! The value of these seeds alone is $196.00!

The cost for this package is $105.00 with 1st-class shipping

Pkg 3 DVD


To view a complete list of our Seeds with a Pedigree, click here or add to your cart below!

2,363#-17:(2,145 McMullen X 2,261 Wallace) - $50 A NEW NORTH AMERICAN RECORD! The Largest in the World for 2017, 2nd largest of all time!! It was a high-round pumpkin with good orange color. The pumpkin grew steadily all season and was 11% heavy. No stem cracks or problem areas.


1,968#-18: (2,145 McMullen X 2,363 Holland) - $30 A high round orange pumpkin with great parentage. It looked perfect on top, but when loading I discovered a small crack on the bottom. Went 4% heavy.

1,649.5#-18: (1,937 Urena X 2,145 McMullen) - $30 We won 1st place with this at the Elysian Brewery Weigh Off in Seattle. It was a good looking orange pumpkin that was the centerpiece for the Annual Extravaganza at the Seattle Center near the Space Needle. The proceeds from the Pumpkin Celebration go to Children’s Hospital.

1,429#-18: (2,269 Paton X2,145 McMullen) - $20 We sold this one for display. It was an attractive long pumpkin that made a beautiful display when set on end and carved for Halloween.

1,339.5#-18: (2,363 Holland X 2,269 Paton) - $20 We won 1st Place at the Washington State Fair with this beauty! This one would have grown much larger, but had to be harvested on the last day of August for the Fair in Puyallup.

633#-18: (2,261 Wallace X 2,363 Holland) - $8 We lost the first pumpkin on this plant to a split. The 663 was a late set that ran out of growing time. It was a long, wide pumpkin with good orange color.