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Micromax Micronutrients


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This unique granular form of Micromax is designed to increase the efficiency of the major nutrient program to maximize plant growth. Micromax should be incorporated and can be used on all plants grown in artificial/soilless media. The homogenous nature of the product ensures each granular contains all the elements listed on the label for maximum consistency when mixed properly.

  • A powerful micronutrient formula that maximizes the growth potential of all plants grown in a soilless media
  • The industry standard for essential micronutrient needs
  • Engineered for pre-plant incorporation into soil media to help you grow bigger, fuller plants
  • The efficiency of your NPK program can be increased by using Micromax

Calcium (Ca)6%
Magnesium (Mg) Total
0% water soluble Magnesium (Mg)
Sulpher (S)
12% combined Sulpher (S)
Boron (B).1%
Copper (Cu)
1% water soluble Copper (Cu)
Iron (Fe)
16% water soluble Iron (Fe)
Manganese (Mn)(Total)
2.5% water soluble manganese (Mn)
Molybdenum (Mo).05%
Zinc (Zn)
1% water soluble zinc (Zn)

Derived from: calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, sodium borate, sodium molybdate.

Volume or area of mixApplication rate
Nursery stock
Pot Plants
Bedding plants
Per cubic foot1 oz. (30g)
4 level tsp.
0.7oz (20g)
1 level Tbsp
Per cubic yard1.5 lbs (680g)
2.5 cups
1.0 lb (450g)
1 2/3 cups
Per cubic meter1 kg.7 kg
Per 100 sq. feet
(to a 6-inch depth)
3 lbs (1360g)
5 cups
2 lbs (900g)
Per sq meter
(to 15-cent. depth

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