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Pumpkin carved in honor of 911 firefighter heroes

Greenhouse Parts Package

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This package will include all the fittings* you will need to construct a lightweight easy-to-assemble cloche that will last for years. It will include 2/4-way crosses, 6-tees and 4-corners. You will even get our “How to do Stuff in the Pumpkin Patch” DVD that has the detailed plans and so much more at a discounted price! The DVD is over 1 ½-hour and demonstrates many other giant pumpkins growing strategies as well.

*To assemble the greenhouse you will also need 9 – 8 foot sections of ½-inch PVC pipe, the primer and glue, and the plastic covering.

*PRICES QUOTED ARE FOR SHIPPING IN THE U.S.: Unless otherwise noted, all prices quoted includes shipping in the U.S. only. SHIPPING TO CANADA AND OVERSEAS: PLEASE CONTACT US FOR RATES.