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"Has powerful growth promoting properties". FULMAG is a combination of Fulvic Acid and Chelated Magnesium. Fulvic Acid has powerful growth promoting properties and can help release minerals, micronutrients and phosphorous for use by plants. Fulvic Acid has a hormone-like effect on plants and has an immediate reaction. Fulvic Acid is enhanced by the addition of Chelated Magnesium to stimulate photosynthesis. An atom of Magnesium is the nucleus of each molecule of Chlorophyll. Fulvic Acid and Magnesium work synergistically to maximize the potential of Giant Pumpkins and other garden crops. FULMAG enhances cell permability, opening plant pores so that nutrients and minerals can more readily enter and be utilized by the plant. FULMAG is a liquid concentrate.

TO USE: Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons per gallon of water.

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