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Pumpkin carved in honor of 911 firefighter heroes

Fertile Earth Organic Compost Maker

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Make fertile, nutrient rich compost for your giant pumpkins and other garden plants from grass clippings and other yard waste. Our Fertile Earth Organic Compost Maker contains 12 different beneficial bacteria cultivated by Dr. Michael Ammaranthus. These beneficial bacteria will help change raw organic matter into rich fertile compost. Our Fertile Earth Compost Maker also contains natural organic Nitrogen from fish protein to feed the bacteria and help them multiply and break down the organic matter. 17 different Amino Acids are also added to act as a biological catalyst. Compost adds nutrients, increases the soils cation exchange capacity and improves the “tilth” or physical structure of the soil. Each gram contains over 2 million colony forming units of beneficial bacteria. 1-pound treats up to 500-pounds of organic material for your giant pumpkins and other garden plants.

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