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8 - 22 - 28

With trace minerals, species of 9 Endomycorrhizal Fungi, 10 beneficial bacteria, Seaweed and Humic Acid Kick-A-Poo is the perfect all-inclusive fertilizer for root drench and foliar application. Use 1 Tablespoon per gallon when plants are small and progress up to 2 to 3 Tablespoons per gallon after the plants are well established.

Root drench 1 time per week. After plants are established, foliar feed and/or root drench every 7 to 10 days.

Every time you feed your plants you are supplying the 3 primary nutrients, an important array of minor elements plus 9 important Endomycorrhizal fungi and 10 beneficial microbes. This combination of Mycorrhizal species and Beneficial Microbes was created by Doctor Michael Ammaranthus to compliment each other and work well together. Dr. Mike is one of the leading authorities in the World on Mycorrhizal Fungi.

Kick A Poo Juice - choose size

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Water Soluble Magnesium.05%
Combined Sulfur.07%
Chelated Copper.01%
Chelated Iron.025%
Chelated Manganese.01%
Molybdnum .000045%
Chelated Zinc .01%

ENDOMYCORRHIZAL SPECIES: (1,875 Propagules per pound total)
Glomus intraradices
Glomus mosseae
Glomus aggregatum
Glomus etunicatum
Glomus deserticola
Glomus monosporum
Glomus clarum
Paraglomus brasilianum
Gigaspora margarita

BENEFICIAL MICROBES (OVER 100,000 Propagules per gram total)
Rhizopogon villosulus
Rhizopogon luteolus
Rhizopogon amylopogon
Rhizopogon fulvigleba
Pisolithus tinctorius
Suillus granulatus
Laccaria bicolor
Laccaria laccata
Scleroderma cepa
Scleroderma citrinum
Also contains Seaweed and Humic acid

Pumpkin Power

7-2-4 plus 9% Calcium

PUMPKIN POWER was my mainstay fertilizer when growing the 2017 World Champion Pumpkin of 2,363-pounds. PUMPKIN POWER is all organic and releases nutrients slowly and steadily as the plants needs require. I tilled in 2-pounds per 100-square feet when preparing the beds and also used 1/3-cup along each 3-foot of vine when mounding or burying at each leaf axil to get maximum root development.

“ALL ORGANIC GIANT PUMPKIN FERTILIZER” PUMPKIN POWER is actually great for all fruit and vegetables. It is granular for easy dust free application. PUMPKIN POWER is made from Feathermeal, Fish Bonemeal, Potassium Sulphate, Ground Limestone, and has all the essential Amino Acids for maximum effectiveness.

PUMPKIN POWER is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and the Washington State Department of Agriculture for use in the production of organic food. PUMPKIN POWER supports and improves microbial activity, encourages robust roots and feeds plants for up to 3 months. Apply 3-5 pounds and till into a 10’ X 10’ area at each planting site. Work in 1/4 –cup per 3-ft. section of vine when burying vines. Use 5-pounds per 100’ of row for fruits and vegetables.

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Spring Wake-up!

“Get your Giant Pumpkins off to a great start!” SPRING WAKE-UP! is a unique product made with freeze-dried molasses and is optimized for maximum effectiveness with the addition of Amino Acid Bio-Activator. SPRING WAKE-UP! causes an explosion of beneficial soil organisms to get your cool spring soil ready to start supplying nutrients right out of the gate. Freeze-dried molasses in an easy to apply granular form is many times more concentrated than liquid molasses. SPRING WAKE-UP! can be applied with a spreader or broadcast. Apply 3-pounds in a 10’ X 10’ area for each giant pumpkin plant, or 5-pounds per 100’ foot of row for other fruits and vegetables. 100% natural and organic.

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Granulated Steamed Bonemeal

1-20–0 Plus 20% Calcium

Once you try our STEAMED BONEMEAL you will never accept any substitute! Our STEAMED BONEMEAL is ground to an extremely fine powder for quick action. It is then formed into granules with an all-natural water soluble binder. This makes it very easy to handle and apply to the garden. Once applied to the soil the granules dissolve back into a fine powder to supply phosphorous, Calcium and Nitrogen to your plants. It is registered with OMRI and WSDA for organic food production. Apply 2-pounds per 100-square feet.

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Soluble Seaweed Powder


Next to our BIOGROW ENDO PLUS and PUMPKIN POWER, I would rate our SOLUBLE SEAWEED as the 3rd most important product that helped grow our 2017 World Champion Pumpkin of 2,363-pounds. Our SOLUBLE SEAWEED is the finest available. Most others don’t come close to our formula of 1-1-17. I think the all organic array of 62-micro-nutrients and the presence of many natural growth promoting hormones helped our 2,363-pound pumpkin grow from a blossom to 2,363-pounds in just over 100 days. This World Champion Pumpkin grew almost 50-pounds a day at its peak.

LAND O’ GIANTS Soluble Seaweed Powder is a super concentrated soluble organic product. Now you can get all the goodness of Seaweed without paying for water and paying to ship water! Each 10.7-ounce packet of powder is equal to 1 gallon of concentrate.

Seaweed contains a complex matrix of natural plant growth stimulants, including gibberellins, auxins, betraines and cytokinins. These are the factors that influence cell


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Soluble Fish Powder


Early in the 2017 season our SOLUBLE FISH POWDER was indispensable in supply the organic Nitrogen to our giant pumpkin plant in order to gain the necessary size to set a pumpkin early enough in the year. By hand pollinating a blossom 10-feet out on the main vine on June 24th, the pumpkin had time to grow to 2,363-pounds by October 7th.

Soluble Fish Powder is superior to liquid fish emulsions. It is produced in a low temperature process which enzymatically digests fish protein preserving vital factors. Liquid fish is made in a high temperature process that can break down the amino acids, vitamins and enzymes. Liquid fish emulsions also require powerful stabilizers and preservatives to avoid spoilage . Soluble Fish Powder is completely dry and requires no additives.


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Biomin Calcium Concentrate

BIOMIN means “Bio-available Mineral”. Biomin Calcium is an organic chelated Calcium supplement. Chelation is a process whereby cationic nutrients will upon entering plant cells,


Biomin Calcium Concentrate - *One gal. size not available at this time*

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Biomin Copper Concentrate

This product is a fully chelated source of copper. If copper is the weak link on your soil test, Biomin Copper can make all the difference. It can be root fed or applied to foliage. Copper is the key to “elasticity” in the plant. Copper is an important constituent of protein and serves as a nutrient for many beneficial microbes.

Biomin Copper Concentrate - *One gal. size not available at this time*

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Biomin Iron Concentrate

This is a fast acting source of Iron. Biomin Iron contains Amino Acids which makes the Iron quickly available to the plant. Some soils are high in Iron, but it may not be in the available form, especially if the pH is above 7. Iron is necessary for the synthesis of Chlorophyll and RNA metabolism in the Chloroplasts. Iron increases the thickness of the leaf which increases nutrient flow geometrically.

Biomin Iron Concentrate - *One gal. size not available at this time*

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Biomin Granular Manganese - 18% Manganese 18% Sulfur

Manganese is a trace mineral and is essential in the growth of plants. In reviewing soil reports for growing giant pumpkins, Manganese is one of the most common deficiencies we see. If your soils weak link for growing giant pumpkins is Manganese, then Granular Manganese can make a huge difference. When growing giant pumpkins, a little Granular Manganese goes a long way. Apply 1/2 - 1 lb. per 1,000 sq. ft. and work into the soil.

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Biomin Manganese

If Manganese is deficient in your soil, a few quick acting foliar sprays with Biomin Manganese can make a huge difference! Manganese is essential in the oxidation reactions needed in Carbohydrate Metabolism and seed formation. When Manganese is in short fall, the whole fertilizer program needs to be adjusted to create enough energy to pull more Manganese.

Biomin Manganese - *One gal. size not available at this time*

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Biomin Boron Concentrate

100% CHELATED WITH Amino Acids. Biomin Boron is a readily available source of Boron and is quickly taken up via root or leaf. Boron is one of the rarest elements, but is absolutely essential for Calcium Metabolism. You may be high in Calcium, but it will not help your plants unless adequate Boron is available. Most Boron in the soil is in the form of Tourmaline which is highly insoluble.

Biomin Boron Concentrate - *One gal. size not available at this time*

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20.5% Boron

SOLUBOR is a soluble powder high in the trace mineral Boron. A “little” goes a long way! SOLUBOR can be used at ½ -teaspoon per gallon of water every 2-weeks as a foliar spray when growing in soil deficient in Boron. SOLUBOR may also be used on Giant Pumpkins at ½-strength along with Calcium Sprays to maximize the uptake and utilization of the Calcium.

Solubor - choose size

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Biomin Zinc Concentrate

Biomin Zinc is fully chelated and quickly available either through root or foliar feeding. As the pH goes up, the availability of Zinc is reduced. Soils high in Phosphorous and/or Calcium also may benefit from extra Zinc. Zinc is an essential component of many enzymes and helps to make Acetic Acid in the roots to prevent rotting and blight.

Biomin Zinc Concentrate - *One gal. size not available at this time*

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Biomin Magnesium Concentrate

Biomin Magnesium is a quickly available, fully chelated source of Mg. It can be fed via root, but is quicker acting as a foliar spray, especially later in the season. High levels of Potassium may aggravate the stress of Magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is an important part of chlorophyll, and is essential for photosynthesis. Mg. is highly mobile. If a deficiency is present, the plant will transport Mg. from the older leaves to the younger leaves. Yellowing between the leaf veins or “chlorosis” in the older leaves is a good indicator of Mg. deficiency.

Biomin Magnesium Concentrate - *One gal. size not available at this time*

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Biomin Excel Concentrate

Foliar Nutrients with Liquid Humic Acid

Contains: Nitrogen 2%, Potassium 2%, Calcium 4%, Boron .5%, Manganese .1%, Zinc 1%, Humic Acid .3%

BIOMIN EXCEL is a chelated nutritional supplement for foliar feeding that also contains Liquid Humic Acid.

Biomin Excel Concentrate - *One gal. size not available at this time*

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Biomin Cal-Boro Concentrate

“Calcium is the brick and Boron is the mortar” Nitrogen 1% - Calcium 5% - Boron 1%

CAL-BORO contains a mixture of Calcium and Boron designed for soil or foliar applications. It is highly bio-available and an excellent source of two essential elements that work together to build strong, healthy plants and fruit. Boron is critical for Calcium uptake and mobility. Boron also influenced conversion of Nitrogen and Carbohydrates into more complex substances such as protein, effects the transfer of sugars within the plant, exerts marked influence on cell division and aids in the formation of membranes.

Biomin Cal-Boro Concentrate - *One gal. size not available at this time*

Standard shipping only!

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Liquid Fulvic Acid

FULVIC ACID has a very high cation exchange capacity. FULVIC ACID can cause Hydrogen cations to be replaced with cations of many plant nutrients and retain the nutrient cations in an available and non-leachable form FULMAX enhances cell permeability for a more rapid entry of minerals into the root cells, resulting in higher uptake of plant nutrients.

Ful-Max - *One gal. size not available at this time*

Standard shipping only!

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NEW! Granular Potassium Sulphate

0 – 0 – 50 plus 17% sulfur

Potassium is one of the most important elements in growing giant pumpkins. Much of the Potassium in soil is found in insoluble compounds that are not easily available to plants. Potassium Sulphate is readily available. Potassium determines fruit size, leaf thickness and stem strength.


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Nutri-Aid 20-20-20

Soluble fertilizer

Nutri-Aid Soluble Fertilizers are used by professionals in the horticultural Industry. Nutri-Aid contains 20% each of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium in a quick acting soluble form. Use 1 - 2 Tbsp. per gal. of water as a root drench or foliar feed. Best for giant pumpkins in the early to mid season for excellent growth response and vigor. After June 10th switch over to our Blossom Booster & Fruit Finisher 0-52-34.

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0-52-34 Blossom Booster and Fruit Finisher

Mid to late season is when plenty of available Potassium is crucial in allowing the plant to make the complex Carbohydrates necessary to grow a heavy pumpkin with thick flesh. Our World Champion Pumpkin grew over 500-pounds after September 1st. I believe our NUTRI AID BLOSSOM BOOSTER & FRUIT FINISHER 0-52-34 was very helpful in bringing the 2,363 strong to the finish line.

0-52-34 Is a great water soluble fertilizer that dissolves readily and can be foliar or root fed. Best if started 3 weeks before blossoming and continued through the season. 0-52-34 contains 52% Phosphorous to stimulate vigorous blooms and to


Nutri-Aid 0-52-34 Blossom Booster - choose size

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Natural Rock Phosphate

30% Phosphorus (3% quick-acting, 27% slow-release), 29% Calcium

Natural Rock Phosphate works synergistically with Mycorrhizae and is friendly to all soil organisms. Chemical forms of Phosphorous can damage Mycorrhizae and other beneficial soil organisms. Natural Rock Phosphate is mined in Montana and ground into an


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Jersey Greensand

6-7% Slow Release Potassium Plus Trace Minerals Real Glauconitic

Greensand is a great source of slow-release Potassium. JERSEY GREENSAND was deposited at the bottom of an ancient sea, so it is rich in Micro-Nutrients and Trace Minerals as well. JERSEY GREENSAND is best tilled into the soil in the Spring or Fall. When other quick-acting sources of Potassium are starting to wane late in the season, JERSEY GREENSAND is right in the root zone supplying the essential nutrient Potassium just when it is needed the most. It will help your giant pumpkin maintain valuable mid-late season weight gain. Apply at 2-pounds per 100 square feet.

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Kelp Meal


“A GREAT TOOL IN GROWING GIANT PUMPKINS” Our Kelp Meal is made from 100% sun-dried “Ascopyllum Nodosum” Kelp. It is the richest kind of Kelp for Agriculture or as an Animal Feed Supplement.

This Kelp Meal contains 62 different trace minerals and they are naturally chelated due to the presence of Mannitol and Alginic Acids in the Kelp. Ascopyllum Nodosum also contains natural growth promoting hormones such as Auxins Cytokinins and Gibberellins. These natural hormones aid in cell division, cell elongation, fruit growth and plant health.


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Soluble Amino Acid Bio-Activator


SOLUBLE AMINO ACID BIO-ACTIVATOR 15-0-0 is a new cutting-edge technology for agriculture with 17 Amino Acids in a sweet smelling yellow soluble powder. Amino Acids are powerful chelating and synergy producing natural compounds. Growers that have used our Biomin Calcium know the Amino Acid glysine is used to make the Calcium “Bio-Available” to plants. Now you can do the same thing with any granular or water soluble fertilizer. Suggested use is 1-Tablespoon of Amino Acid per pound of granular fertilizer, or


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Humic Acid-86

I have been evaluating different Humic Acid products for some time. The problem with many brands is that you have to buy a large amount of relatively inert product to get a small amount of active ingredient. HUMIC ACID-86 IS 86% active Humic Acid, and is a water soluble powder. HUMIC ACID-86 may be applied dry or mixed with water for a spray. HUMIC ACID-86 contains calcium and several other minerals essential for plant growth. The Humic Acid found in our product promotes vegetable growth, increases the germination rate of seeds, activates the plants metabolism,


Humic Acid-86 - choose size

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0–0–21 Plus 10.5% Magnesium and 21% Sulfur

LANGBEINITE is a very unique mineral that is mined in the desert Southwest. LANGBEINITE is all-natural and like many of our products is formed into granules for easy dust-free handling and spreading. The potassium is in a readily available form. An atom of Magnesium forms the nucleus of each Chlorophyll molecule. Sulfur is sometimes referred to as the “4th major plant nutrient” and is essential to protein synthesis. Apply 20-pounds per 1,000-square feet or 2-pounds per 100-foot row for fruits, vegetables and berries.

Langbeinite - choose size

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Fish Meal

10–4–0 Plus 6% Calcium

“GIANT PUMPKIN PLANTS LOVE FISH” 100% organic nitrogen source with 4% Natural Phosphorous and 6% Calcium. Broadcast 4 to 5 pounds per site in an 8 to 10 foot circle to get your plants off to a super start. Fish Meal is great for the whole garden, especially heavy-feeders like corn. Also works great on flowers, fruit trees and shrubs. Application rate is 1 to 2 pounds per 100 square ft.


Fish Meal - choose size

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Calpril Super Sweet

98% Calcium Carbonate and 34% Calcium

Calpril Super Sweet is made from natural Limestone ground to a very fine powder and then formed into prills or granules for easy handling and spreading. The all natural binding agent is water soluble so the powder is released in moist soil. Calpril Super Sweet will add


Calpril Super Sweet - choose size

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Dolopril Super Sweet

50% Calcium Carbonate and 34% Magnesium Carbonate

DOLOPRIL will raise the pH of the soil and also add the important minerals Calcium and Magnesium. ADD 3 to 4-pounds per 100-square feet to raise the pH of an average soil ½-point. DOLOPRIL will make all the major plant nutrients that are in the soil more available to the plant when added to an acid soil. DOLOPRIL is granulated for easy spreading.

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Calcium Sulphate

22% Calcium and 16% Sulfur

CALCIUM SULPHATE contains the two important elements Calcium and Sulfur. Calcium helps create strong cell walls and is thought to help Giant Pumpkins weigh heavy. Sulfur is essential in the formation of protein and is often called the “4th major plant nutrient”. CALCIUM SULPHATE has a neutral effect on soil pH. It will neither raise nor lower pH. Our CALCIUM SULPHATE is formed into granules for easy handling and falls apart into fine particles upon contact with soil moisture.

Calcium Sulphate - choose size

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Acidify Sulfur Granules

Our Sulfur Granules are used to lower the pH of the soil. Sulfur Granules added to soil with a pH above the optimum level, will make most nutrients more available to plants and also provide the important nutrient Sulfur. Sulfur is often called “The 4th major plant nutrient”, and is very important in protein synthesis and other plant processes.

Acidify Sulfur Granules - choose size

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4 – 3 – 3 – plus 7% Calcium

CHICK-A-DOO is dehydrated chicken manure that is formed into easy to handle pellets. Many growers say “nothing makes plants grow like real chicken manure”. You can build up the organic matter percentage in your soil, while adding important nutrients. The extra benefit of 7% Calcium from crushed egg shells is a real Bonus!! USE: 2 to 4 pounds per 100 square feet for all giant pumpkins, fruits and vegetables.

Chick-a-doo - choose size

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Micromax Micronutrients Granular SOLD OUT!

This unique granular form of Micromax is designed to increase the efficiency of the major nutrient program to maximize plant growth. Micromax should be incorporated and can be used on all plants grown in artificial/soilless media. The homogenous nature of the product ensures each granular contains all the elements listed on the label for maximum consistency when mixed properly.


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Time-release fertilizer 14-14-14

NOW it is possible to till a Time Release Fertilizer into the soil and have it become available 3 to 4 months later after the area is covered by vines and invaded by root growth. OSMOCOTE is made into little round pellets and each pellet is coated with a unique polymer that breaks down 3 to 4 months later. OSMOCOTE is an easy to handle, dust-free product that can be worked into the soil at 1 to 2-pounds per 100-square feet.

Osmocote - choose size

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Calcium Nitrate

15.5% Nitrogen & 19% Calcium

CALCIUM NITRATE is high in readily available Nitrogen and Calcium. For Giant Pumpkins it can be used early in the season to get vigorous growth so you have a large plant early enough to set Giant Pumpkins at an early date. The Nitrogen effect starts to wane as the pollination season approaches, so it won’t interfere with fruit set when used as directed.

Suggested use: 10-pounds per 1,000-square feet.

Calcium Nitrate - choose size

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