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Corn, Sunflowers & More

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Tall Corn Seed

Skyscraper Tall Corn before tasselingThis vigorous variety of corn will normally reach heights of 12 to 16 feet, with good care. Occasionally with excellent weather and culture, the variety may reach 18 to 20 feet. When the plants are 4 to 5 feet any suckers should be removed from the base. Soil should be

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Tall Corn Seeds

40 Count with Shipping

Bodacious-RM Corn Seeds

This is the finest sweet corn I have ever grown. BODACIOUS has the ideal blend of sweetness and real corn flavor. The 8-inch ears are born on vigorous 7-foot disease resistant plants. The ears are ready


Bodacious-RM Corn Seeds

40 Count with Shipping

Giant Tomato Seeds

“DELICIOUS VARIETY” : The World Record Tomato at over 7-pounds was grown with this variety. It produces smooth fruits with nearly solid meat and excellent flavor. Developed from Beefsteak after 13-years of careful selection.

“BIG ZAC HYBRID” : This prize winner was bred by Minnie Zaccaria, a New Jersey gardener who tirelessly sought the perfect cross of two heirlooms, finally creating this enormous tomato with fruits that repeatedly tip the scales at an amazing 4 to 6 pounds!

10 Count Delicious Variety Giant Tomato Seeds

10 Count with Shipping

10 Count Big Zac Giant Tomato Seeds

10 Count with Shipping

Heirloom Tomatoes

Brandywine Tomato Seeds

BRANDYWINE is considered to be the World’s finest tasting tomato of all time! BRANDYWINE is an Amish Heirloom that dates back to 1885. It has healthy


Brandywine Tomato Seeds

15 Count with Shipping

Belgium Giant Tomato Seeds

This tomato is a sweet flavored Heirloom variety that has produced tomatoes of 2-pounds to nearly 5-pounds! These specimens have smooth blossom ends and solid flesh.

Belgium Giant Tomato Seeds: 15 count per pkt

with Shipping per Pkt

Carolina Cross Select Watermelon Seeds

Many melons over 200-pounds have been grown with this variety of seed. It is a long-striped fruit. Leonardo Urena of Napa, CA grew his personal best watermelon of 128 lbs. with our seeds in 2007. There are 10 seeds in a packet.

Carolina Cross Watermelon

Carolina Cross Watermelon Seeds: From watermelons up to 200-pounds 10 count

10 Count with Shipping

Carolina Cross Watermelon Seeds: from watermelons 200-pounds to 250-pounds 6 count

6 Ct w/Shipping

Carolina Cross Watermelon Seeds: from watermelons 250-pounds to 290-pounds 6 count

6 Ct w/Shipping

Giant Sunflower Seeds

Grey Stripe Variety: Has heavy stalks, huge leaves and mammoth heads that can be 16 to 24 inches across. Plants are normally 10 to 14 feet, and may need staking or a fence to lean on or be tied to. These are easy to grow by direct seeding. Allow 2 to 3 feet between plants. Approx. 30 seeds.

Sunny Boy Variety: This is a multi-headed ornamental variety that has a profusion of beautiful flowers on a 6-foot plant. Approx. 30 seeds.

Grey Stripe: choose 30 or 100 count

Grey Stripe - choose size

Sunny Boy: choose 30 or 100 count

Sunny Boy Variety - choose size