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Companion Biological Fungicide LogoCompanion Biological Fungicide is a practical, environmentally sound product that is used for broad spectrum disease prevention. As the 1st EPA - registered biofungicide in the U.S. market, Companion is revolutionizing growers ideas about disease control and sustainability. Companion is 100% organic and natural.

Companion can protect your crops from start to finish, whether you are growing giant pumpkins or regular fruits and vegetables.

Companion Biological Fungicide three boxesCompanion contains the active ingredient BACILLUS SUBTILIS, a naturally occurring rhizoshere bacterium that quickly colonize the root hairs of all food crops. It lives on the roots and the foliage, protecting the plant from soil born pathogens, rootrot diseases, and foliar diseases by producing a strong broad - spectrum antibiotic that dessicates the pathogen.

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