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NOT AVAILABLE!Companion Biological Fungicide Wettable Powder

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Companion Biological Fungicide is now available in a wettable powder. This new product is a great way to help control diseases on giant pumpkin plants and most other fruits and vegetables. The Companion Wettable Powder is over 275-times more concentrated than the liquid Companion. The active ingredient which is “Bacillus Subtilis GB03” is 11.5% in the Wettable Powder and .03% in the standard Liquid Companion. The wettable powder is much more cost effective. Even at an application rate of ¼-teaspoon per gallon of water you will have a much more robust application than with the standard dilution rate using the liquid. Companion Wettable Powder may be used as a seed treatment, used in drip irrigation, applied either in a furrow or banded, and also as a foliar spray or drench.

Modes of Action

COMPANION Biological Fungicide Wettable Powder has multiple modes of action in preventing, controlling and suppressing plant diseases. It produces a broad-spectrum antibiotic (lutrin) lipopeptides that disrupts pathogen cell-wall formation. It is a competitive and fast colonizing rhizosphere bacterium, which occupies the plants root hairs and leaves.

Disease List

Black Root RotCrown Rot, Damping–off fungus, Gray Mold, Leaf Blight
AnthracnoseGummy Stem Blight
Soft RotCucurbit Wilting, Angular Leaf Spot
Powdery MildewFusarium Wilt
Blight, Leafspot and RotLate Blight Blackeye/Buckeye Rot in tomatoes
Corky Root, ClubrootPythium Root Rot
Rhizoctonia Root Rot Bottom/Stem RotDowny Mildew
Lettuce DropSeptoria Leaf Spot
Bacterial LeafspotCitrus Canker

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