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3 x 3 Black Grow Mats

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I have been using these mats since the mid-1990’s. Many growers have asked about them after seeing them on our videos. The mats help to warm up the soil around the young pumpkin plants, plus help keep down the weeds. They also provide a soil covering that catches and receives water and helps prevent splashing soil on the young seedlings. The lightweight plastic material, known as Vispore, has thousands of tiny holes, which are funnel-shaped to direct water through. The Vispore has a shiny and a dull side. To properly utilize the funnel shaped holes, the shiny side must be facing up and the dull side will be in contact with the soil. We custom configure each mat for pumpkin growing. The mats come with a slit to the center where there is an expandable 4” opening to accommodate the growing stem. Vispore is lightweight (3 mil.) so the edges must be anchored to prevent the wind from moving them. I use scrap pieces of 1” to 2” boards cut approx. the length of each side.

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