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Biomin Calcium Concentrate

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BIOMIN means “Bio-available Mineral”. Biomin Calcium is an organic chelated Calcium supplement. Chelation is a process whereby cationic nutrients will upon entering plant cells, form chelates with organic acids such as citric acid, malonic acid, and some amino acids. This chelation process will then prevent precipitation of absorbed nutrients and enable them to move freely within the plant. Biomin Calcium is formulated under laboratory conditions more like a pharmaceutical product would be. Complex synergists such as the amino acid glysine are used in order to deliver the Calcium to the plant in the tiny particle sizes needed for quick absorption. As an illustration: If ordinary Calcium supplements were thought of as delivering Calcium as hundreds of basketball size particles, Biomin would be delivering 10s of thousands of tennis ball size particles. Glysine, the Amino Acid that makes Biomin Calcium “bio-available”, adds 2% Nitrogen. The premium all Natural Calcium Supplement , OMRI certified organic

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