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Soluble Biomin Calcium Powder

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5-0-0 PLUS 15% Calcium and Amino Acids. We have been working with the Bio-Tech industry to bring this wonderful product to market for several years. BIOMIN CALCIUM SOLUBLE POWDER has all the advantages of quickly available Calcium as the BIOMIN CALCIUM LIQUID CONENTRATE has, but at a much lower cost! A little over 3-pounds of powder is equal to 1-gallon of the LIQUID BIOMIN CALCIUM CONCENTRATE. This is an ideal foliar spray that provides quickly available Calcium for stronger cell walls. It will help pumpkins resist cracking and splitting, while encouraging fruits to weigh heavy for their size. It can be used for direct application to the skin of pumpkins.

Use 1-Tablespoon of powder per gallon for root feeding or foliar application, and 1-teaspoon per gallon for direct application to the skin of the fruit.

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