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Biogrow Hydro-Sol

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BIOGROW HYDRO-SOL can be watered in around a young plant to ensure complete inoculation. It also can be watered in along the main vine and the laterals as well. Anytime during the season, and especially after the plant is full-sized, BIOGROW HYDRO-SOL can be introduced into the irrigation water to make sure all parts of the plant’s root system are inoculated with ENDOMYCORRHIZAL FUNGI. BIOGROW HYDRO-SOL will go through most sprinklers with no problems. If you have tiny orifice sprinklers or misters, you may want to test on a single head first.

If only one kind of MYCORRHIZAE is to be used, we still recommend our BIOGROW ENDO PLUS granular product. BIOGROW ENDO PLUS should be used in the seed starting mix, in the planting hole, and at each leaf axil. BIOGROW HYDRO-SOL can play an important part in a total program as well. BIOGROW HYDRO-SOL is 30% to 60% more concentrated than some other brands.

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