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Pumpkin carved in honor of 911 firefighter heroes


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Azotobacter cells are rod shaped, at least 2 microns in diameter, and have the ability to synthesize 3 nitrogenases. Specific genes are used to synthesize each nitrogenase. Azotobacter can live singly, in chains or in clumps. The product also contains paenibacillus polymyxa, which also has the ability to fix nitrogen. It can also produce hormones that promote plant growth and help plants absorb phosphorous. Paenibacillus polymyxa produces antibodies against plant pathogens such as Fusarium and improves soil porosity by releasing organic compounds. This product contains 820,000 colony forming units per gram each of Azotobacter and paenibacillus polymyxa in a stratum of fine soluble seaweed.

To use: Mix 1-Tablespoon per gallon of water for root drench along giant pumpkin vines.

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